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Friday, December 28, 2007


Christmas was so fun this year with 2 babies! Of course, Solomon had no clue what was going on and Kingston got spoiled rotten! He is still asking to open presents. When I began taking the tree down, Kingston started hollering "Christmas is not over!". Despite how hectic it was, it was the best Christmas ever!

Sweet little Solomon

Kingston and Paisley are the best of friends!

All the Pharr (and Layton) kids: Xander, Kingston, Caleb, Paisley and Solomon

Mom, Solomon, and Autumn

Me and Solomon

Rachel, Lacy (my sister-in-law) and me

Christmas at my parents' house!

This is my sister's family: Adleigh, Jeremy, Autumn and Rachel. Can you tell who the ham is in the family?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby Feet and Decorating the Tree

Baby feet are the cutest things in the world and Solomon loves to play with his feet. This is one of my favorite things that babies do, and Kingston never really did, so I had to share these pictures. As you can see, I was trying to change his diaper, but he insisted on playing with his feet, so I used it as a photo op.

Kingston helped us decorate the Christmas tree. Can you see the Big Bird? We got him some Sesame Street ornaments to put on the tree himself.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Personal Space

I just had to document my thoughts and my experience. I don't know how many of you go shopping on "Black Friday", but just the thought of it makes me shudder. I hate crowds. I hate shopping, and the combination makes me want to go into a coma. However, my husband wants a Wii for Christmas. It is pretty much the only thing he has asked for, so I went to a local electronics store, and no, it was not Best Buy. I'm not a lunatic. I went to FYE. Anyway, I stood in line and personal space was nonexistent. Now I will admit, I looooove my personal space, not just with strangers in the supermarket line, but in my classes, with my friends, pretty much all the time everywhere!! Anyway, there were people all around me. One woman kept creeping up next to me and finally cut me in line! Then there was a guy standing behind me in line who was standing so close that I could smell his breath. It literally made my stomach turn. I stood in that line, mad that I was even in it and becoming more angry by the second at this person literally breathing down my neck. Next year, I am considering shopping with a "personal space hoola hoop".

Monday, November 19, 2007

Football and the Pumpkin Patch and Trunk or Treat

I know this is so late, but things have been wild around our home. Enjoy the pictures and everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Aunt Twyla and Kingston watch the Titans game

Our sweet boys having a lazy morning

Kingston, Xander, and Paisley at the pumpkin patch

We visited my Granny for church

Kingston's friend, Will Flanigan

Solomon as Yoda

Eric and Rebecca with Abigail and Ansley

Darth Vader Kingston

Kingston's friends, Abigail and Ansley at Trunk or Treat.

We're all Titans fans!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Music and Molasses

For those of you who aren't aware, every October there is a Music & Molasses Festival at the Ellington Agricultural Center. There are lots of animals to see, pony rides for the kids, farm activities for the kids, lots of food, and bluegrass music. We met our friends Kirk and Julianne there. A fun time was had by all. I strongly recommend going next year for those of you who have never been.
Kingston paints the barn.

The horse was turning this thing that squeezes sorghum juice out of sorghum cane. They then boil the juice to make sorghum. 4 gallons juice = 1 gallon sorghum

Kingston and the goat check each other out.

I don't know if you can tell or not, but this guy was using actual shears to shear the sheep, no electric razor here!

This is a Bluegrass trio. I love the little girl dancing in front. She kept trying to get Kingston to dance with her. He looks like he is running away.

Solomon liked the Bluegrass music.

I kept telling Kingston to look at me and say cheese, but he kept saying cheese while he was looking at the wheel. I kept nagging him to look at me and this is what I got...he is already smarting off!!

Kirk milked a goat. I love the way the goat is looking at me unappreciatively.

Kirk and Julianne

I wanted Solomon to see the horse, but he appears to be sound asleep!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Murphy's Law

We arrived back home from Destin on Sunday just before 5:00. Our good friends from Indianapolis were in town for the weekend, and Sunday evening was the only time we could get together with them, so Jeff, Sarah, Ethan, and Sam all arrived at our house at 6:00. We had a great time, and as usually happens with them, we stay up late (for us anyway). They left our house around 10:45 after we had eaten, Solomon and Sam were sound asleep, and Ethan and Kingston had pulled out every toy out of every crevice they could find. Kingston didn't go to bed until 11:15, and Jeremy had to be at the aiport Monday morning at 4 am. This means that I had to get up and take him. Those of you that have children see the predicament I was went to bed late...I really don't want to wake them up at 4, put them in the car and drive to the airport only to come right back home. We called Zach to come sleep in the basement so I wouldn't have to get them up. I told Zach that the monitors would be on, but they probably wouldn't wake up while I was gone. Solomon woke up to eat, and I looked at the clock...3:20...perfect! I can nurse him and he'll go right back to sleep so I can leave and he for sure won't wake up while I'm gone. Here is the series of events. Keep in mind that we got home from the trip @ 5, company from 6 - 10:45, put Kingston in bed, clean up dishes, unpack necessities, and I'm in bed at 12:30. I am exhausted.

3:40 - Kingston wakes up and is screaming for me. He won't take Jeremy as a substitute.
3:50 - Solomon goes back to sleep. I put him in bed and head to Kingston's room to settle the matter.
3:59 - Kingston wants "Mama rock you". I don't have time. I sway back and forth a few times, give him a few pats on the back and he lays down contented.
4:10 - Run out the door and head to the airport.
4:45 - Get back home.
5:00 - Kingston is screaming "I'm wet!". I change his diaper, give him milk, and he falls back asleep in the chair.
5:30 - Solomon wakes up crying. I feed him.
6:00 - Bathe Solomon. I might as well stay up. If I try to go back to sleep, I am only going to become angry. Sleepy + angry = bad mothering
6:15 - Jeremy calls...his flight is canceled. The next flight is at 11:45...I could have gotten some sleep.
3:00 - Jeremy calls...his luggage is lost. By the way, this is his 3rd time to fly Delta Airlines and their 3rd time to lose his luggage. On a business trip, this results in him having to go buy new pants, shirt and tie. Luckily, he went prepared this time just in case and wore work clothes to the airport.

When it rains, it pours!!


We left Wednesday for our annual Fall Break trip to Destin, Florida with the Pharr family. This year was so much fun. The weather was great and we had lots of good seafood. We came home on Sunday. Solomon did great on the drive down, but on the way back he screamed literally until we were 10 minutes from the house!!

Our annual family picture on the beach outside of The Back Porch. I was so excited to catch a family picture where Solomon has his eyes open!!

Paisley and Xander

Zach brought some college friends. I am convinced that none of them will EVER want children after this weekend.

Dinner at the Crab Trap...Kingston was so tired that he played with his trucks the whole time and hardly spoke to anyone.

Zach and Kingston goof off one night on the beach!

Solomon gets ready for the beach!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Greetings from Destin

We are in Destin this week with Jeremy's family...our yearly trip.

I was trying to get a picture of Kingston and Paisley can see how well it turned out.

Jeremy and Kingston hung out at the beach.

Jeremy and Beka

Jeremy and Beka

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Jeremy and Rebekah were married in July 2004 and have 3 beautiful sons, Kingston, Solomon, and Josiah. Jeremy is an attorney and Rebekah is a part-time Marriage and Family Therapist and a full-time mommy.