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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

San Francisco

Jeremy and I spent a long Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco. We had a great time and it was good to be away from home and along for a while.San Francisco skyline - I took this picture from a boat headed to Alcatraz

The Golden Gate Bridge

Jeremy at Alcatraz in solitary confinement


Jeremy and I took in an Oakland A's baseball game on Sunday.

I thought this picture was so pretty and it shows how gorgeous the Muir Wood Forest was.

This is a hollowed out Red Wood tree at Muir Wood. This shows how enormous the trees were!

Bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden

We thought the weather would be pleasant, but it ended up being quite chilly in the evenings, down in the 40's.

at the entrance to Chinatown

riding a cable car

These Sea Lions all gather and lay around at Pier 39. They were really entertaining to watch, but they sure smelled bad.

Golden Gate Bridge

Jeremy in front of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Square

Jeremy's first view of the Pacific Ocean

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cool Guys

Kingston and his cousin, Xander Layton play on Kingston's new swingset. This picture will be priceless when they get older.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I got my paper and I was free!

Yay!! I graduated Saturday with my Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy! Jeremy, me and the boys
This is my dear Aunt Twyla. She supports me and inspires me.

Dad with Solomon, me and Kingston

Mom, me, Kingston, Solomon, and Dad. My parents have been so supportive. My mom babysat for me every Monday for 3 years so I could go to class!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Solomander Update

Solomon turned 9 months old on April 30th. He is happy and healthy. His pediatrician called him "verbal" because he kept squealing as loudly as possible. Some of you know what I am talking about.

Welcome Spring!

This has been the neatest thing. A robin laid her eggs in a nest in the corner of our porch. We waited and watched until one day there were little beaks peeking up over the edge of the nest. Here is the story in pictures:
Can you see the little beak sticking up below? There are actually 4 birds in that little nest!
One day I kept standing at the door trying to watch the mama bird feed the little ones. She wouldn't come near as long as I was standing there, but she sat on the fence and waited until I left.

Here is the mama bird feeding one of the little ones.

2 of the little ones waiting to be fed.

Here is all 4 of them! They are quickly outgrowing the nest and they have feathers now!
Is it just me, or is one of them giving me the evil eye?

Jeremy and Beka

Jeremy and Beka

About Me

Jeremy and Rebekah were married in July 2004 and have 3 beautiful sons, Kingston, Solomon, and Josiah. Jeremy is an attorney and Rebekah is a part-time Marriage and Family Therapist and a full-time mommy.