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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kingston's Birthday

Monday evening we invited some of Kingston's friends to join us at Centennial Park for pizza and cake and to play on the playground. I think everyone had a great time, and Kingston had the best time of all!
Will and Sophie enjoy cake and ice cream.

Ansley smiles at the camera while Abigail and Keaton eat cake.

Jackson and Kingston make their silly faces.

Partygoers: Will, Alex, Keaton, Weston, Ansley, Abigail, Sophie, Maddox, Jackson, and Kingston. I think Solomon is somewhere behind Weston.

Kingston, Jackson, Sophie, and Will

Maddox and Sophie

Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Picassos

I got some canvases and paints and asked the boys to paint pictures for Josiah's nursery. Kingston painted a solar system, of course, and Solomon's is...well....abstract. I thought they turned out perfectly though.
Solomon's abstract art. :)

Kingston's solar system

Yes, that is a little bit of paint on his lips. He had to taste.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

War Path

Twice in the last week something has happened that really burned me up. Usually, Jeremy just rolls his eyes and laughs at me for getting so "worked up" about something insignificant (to him), but this time he agreed with me. I thought I'd see if any of you other moms also run into this problem.

It happened at Target at Nashville West and Publix in Belle Meade. Kingston has to go to the bathroom, so we head for the "family restroom". It is locked. We wait for a minute and no one comes out. So I say, "Come on, Kingston. We'll go in here". He screams "Nooooo! That one is for girls!!". So we wait and wait outside the family restroom, and out comes A STORE EMPLOYEE!!!! Now, maybe I am blowing this out of proportion, but to me, it is a little like parking in a handicapped parking space. Sure, it is more convenient, but you save it for who it was meant for out of sympathy and understanding for that person!

Store employees better watch out because next time I see this happen, I'm going to straight to store management. Target may not care, but with Publix pride in their customer service, I bet they would.

Opinions, anyone?

Jeremy and Beka

Jeremy and Beka

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Jeremy and Rebekah were married in July 2004 and have 3 beautiful sons, Kingston, Solomon, and Josiah. Jeremy is an attorney and Rebekah is a part-time Marriage and Family Therapist and a full-time mommy.