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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Elvis Mania

On Saturday Jeremy, Rachel, Autumn, Adleigh, Jeremy, me, Kingston, Solomon, Ben, Lacy and Twyla all headed to Memphis for the day. We went to Graceland and then to Rendezvous to eat ribs. While at Graceland, Lacy asked Autumn and Kingston to give her their best Elvis pose. She said that Kingston thought hard about what to do and then swung his arms around and did this: Look how serious!! Anyway, apparently he thanked God for Elvis when he prayed at his grandparents house last night. Elvis mania has apparently hit the Pharr house!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

God talks to Kingston

Kingston never wants to pray, not when we eat, not at bedtime, not when something is bothering him...never! We were reading a book about Daniel and the Lions Den and there was a picture of Daniel praying and I said, "Look, Kingston! Daniel is praying like you do!".
Kingston: "But I don't like to"
Me: "Why not, Kingston?"
Kingston: "Because I can't"
Me: "Why?"
Kingston: "Because God told me I can't pray"
I give up. He is clearly acting on a higher authority.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kingston is 3!!

Kingston turned 3 on July 5th and we had a party at our house complete with hot dogs, a blow up pool and a Bob the Builder cake. Kingston had a great time. I think this was the first time that he really understood that there was a party for him, and he enjoyed every minute of it.
The Pharr Family

Me and Solomon

Maddox Sharpe

Kingston and Caleb (Shane and Amanda's son) ride his new "Arctic Cat"

Maymie Pharr and Caden Pharr

Mom and Dad with Solomon

Will Flanigan and Kingston...I love how they're both tired of smiling so they're giving me their fake smiles

Kingston enjoys his cake. I think this was his favorite part. Anytime someone has asked "What did you get for your birthday?", he replies, "A Bob the Builder cake".


Kingston, Will and Sophie in the pool

Paisley and Xander enjoy the riding toys

Me and Caden...His middle name is Wyatt and Kingston calls him "Caden Quiet"

Jeremy manning the grill

Jeremy and Beka

Jeremy and Beka

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Jeremy and Rebekah were married in July 2004 and have 3 beautiful sons, Kingston, Solomon, and Josiah. Jeremy is an attorney and Rebekah is a part-time Marriage and Family Therapist and a full-time mommy.